About Us

It's in the name...

Growing up in Vancouver BC, Canada, I was inspired by my Grandpa Ernie (Ernest) who worked for many years as a ship builder, a cabinetmaker and craftsman. He would create these beautiful custom pieces of furniture in the tiniest garden shed you could imagine. Working away in his modest operations, our family was all astounded by what he was able to produce in such a small space. My grandfather always let me play in his workshop when I visited. He also taught me to use traditional hand tools and woodworking techniques. Amongst the treasure trove of wood scraps and sawdust we spent hours creating fun woodworking projects together – this is where my love of carpentry began.

Fast forward a few decades later, after years in the carpentry industry I’ve now built a shed of my own – albeit a slightly larger one than my Grandpa’s. I hope that I too will inspire my son Cooper the same way my Grandpa Ernie inspired me all those years ago.       

Thus, Ernest & Cooper Woodworks was born. 

Thank you for joining my family and I on our journey.

- Cameron Jow